State Senate Candidate Shane Reeves Decisively Wins Republican Nomination

Murfreesboro, TN, January 26, 2018 –– Following a few short months of campaigning over the holidays and through winter weather, Shane Reeves overcame political odds to decisively win the republican primary special election. Reeves clear, positive message of creating jobs, rethinking healthcare, and strengthening families in the state resonated with voters from day one of…


Reeves Pledges to Forego Per Diem

State Senate Candidate to Give Per Diem Expenses to Charity Murfreesboro, TN, January 5, 2018 –– Shane Reeves, conservative Republican candidate in the 14th senatorial district special election, announced today that he will donate his per diem back to the taxpayers of the 14th district. “I am a conservative family man and businessman that plans…